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Our mission is to ensure equity and social justice at all levels of society. We seek to achieve long-lasting community change through grassroots community organizing, building relationships with impacted communities and allied organizations, and advocacy.



Grassroots community organizing

  • IREE’s social justice mission to achieve long-lasting community change will be accomplished and led by a base of volunteer members who are comprised of various directors, teachers, and the parents from across the state. 
  • Grassroots organizing, which seeks the leadership and participation of justice-impacted community members, has been a powerful organizing model for centuries. To this day, it persists as one of the most potent weapons against injustice.

Build relationships with impacted communities and allied organizations

  • We recognize that relationships are the building blocks for change and that the most profound change will need to be implemented from and with impacted communities.
  • IREE has partnered with directors, teachers, and parents from across the state that represent a diversity in race, class, nationality, and geography.
  • We have also built strong relationships with organizations that have allied with us to create change.

Systems change and advocacy

  • We believe in changing systems through modifying and influencing laws and policy. IREE’s Equity and Social Justice Team aspires towards the kind of legislative advocacy that ultimately changed Colorado’s early childhood suspension guidelines, which led to the reduction and elimination of suspensions and expulsions of young children throughout the state.   


 Learn about Social Justice at Abolish Slavery National Network website.

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