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Justice, Leadership, Advocacy, Quality, Learning, and Development for Success; that’s what the Language Justice Initiative is all about. The Language Justice Initiative is committed to enhancing the quality of the education, services, and supports provided to dual language learners and their families. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to provide quality professional development, technical assistance, leadership, and policy development support to ensure those in the early childhood education field are prepared to help linguistically diverse students thrive and succeed academically. Those in the early childhood education field have a duty to advance equity, and advancing equity requires that they view their students’ diverse languages and cultures as assets in the classroom. This can be achieved by promoting the use of all language varieties, such as Black, Latinx, Native American and Asian languages and dialects, as well as ensuring all children have full access to learning and social-emotional development.

With our support, educators and other professionals acquire knowledge and skills that allow them to deliver equal, rich learning experiences that support language development. This can help us transform and enhance the services and education provided to young dual language learners and their families. Doing so is key to advancing equity in early childhood education and ensuring dual language learners are supported, celebrated, and appreciated.

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